Film and Television - IATSE LOCAL 669 MEMBER




At my core I am a documentary photographer. I love documenting live events,

and I get a real buzz capturing genuine emotions in a live performance,

whether it is on a film set, at the theatre, on the pitch, in the landscape, 

or on the street. I am also excited by the challenge of shooting

in situations where there is only one chance to get the shot.


Although my live event photography has included many theatre performances,

professional sporting events, musical performances, and corporate events,

my main emphasis is on taking top notch publicity imagery

on film sets (a.k.a. unit stills photography).


My biggest love is movies, and when I first learned that there were photographers

whose job it was to take pictures on set, I was hooked. I passionately

believe in the artistic merit of films, and gravitate to filmmakers who use film

to hold a mirror to society. That being said, I am also a big sci-fi nut, and love

and devour escapist popcorn blockbusters (I grew up on 80's sci-fi after all).


I have over 7 years experience as an IATSE Local 669 unit stills photographer,

and have worked on numerous features, TV movies and TV series.

Having a role in marketing films is a real joy and a true privilege. Professionally, I take

special care to learn as much about a production as I can before

arriving on set, and enjoy working with key creatives in order to produce stills

which best market a film. Once on set, I always strive to capture my best images

without disturbing the rhythms of cast and crew.  


My work has appeared online and in print in many publications, including: 

Hollywood Reporter, Empire, Variety, Entertainment Weekly, NY Times

NY PostLA Times, The Guardian, Seventeen, and Slant.


Before photography, I completed a graduate degree in archaeology 

at Oxford University and worked as a professional archaeologist. 

My archaeological fieldwork has uniquely prepared me for working in difficult 

conditions and in remote locations. I understand the tensions that can emerge 

during location shooting when under strict deadlines and budgets, and it is 

in this atmosphere that I feel I am at my best.


I am a dual Canadian and UK (EU) citizen. I live in Vancouver, BC, 

and when not shooting, you can usually find me either out hiking BC's 

beautiful coast or goofing around with my nine-year old son (or both).

604 378 4712